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Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities. We bring deep, functional expertise and capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization.

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PMO Development

The PMO vision is to facilitate, guide, and assist all projects to success. The PMO’s outcome goals are that projects achieve success according to the program and portfolio objectives. Its performance goals are to successfully guide and support all projects to successful project objectives derived from the portfolio and strategic plan. Its organizational goals are to provide support to all projects and project practitioners in the form of appropriate best practice leadership and just- in-time services. BizTools objective is to develop a world-class best practice capability and capacity to assist all projects and provide support and guidance.

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Business Analysis

At BizTools we believe The role of the BA is to describe the business problem, solution alternatives, and deliverables of a project in business terms. This roll adds value through better defined projects, resulting in more successful technology and knowledge solutions. The result is lower risk, more cost effective, and highly successful projects. Our team is proficient in business management practices and processes and will act as an advocate for the business leader. We have the skills to apply industry-best-practice business analysis and the competencies to build relationships and to effectively communicate business and technology concepts and solution.

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Risk / Opportunity Management

As business leaders, decisions we make daily in the course of business processes are based on balancing opportunities and risks. We therefore treat risk management as an integral part of our business management system rather than the task of a specific organizational unit. The starting-point for our risk management is our strategy and planning processes, from which relevant external and internal opportunities are extracted and risks are identified.

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Time / Priority Management

Our professionals will guide you through Understanding, identifying and defining your long-term goals which is the very first step for an effective time management skills. We will work with your team and plan according to priorities, establish short-term and long-term goals, and talk about appropriate allocation of resources to meet those goals. Most leaders don’t give this much thought, but poor time management skills generally result in a lack of completed goals, increased stress, and a high tendency towards procrastination.

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Capacity Analysis and Planning

Optimizing your organization’s resource utilization can have a significant impact both on operational costs and project delivery efficiency.  Leveraging on our extensive experience in the area of capacity analysis and planning can take your company to the next level.  With our expertise, your organization can make better-informed decisions on resource allocation and reduce “fire-fighting” scenarios.

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Process Development Reengineering

Process Improvement is the proactive task of identifying, analyzing and improving upon existing business processes within an organization for optimization and to meet new quotas or standards of quality. It often involves a systematic approach which follows a specific methodology. Processes can either be modified or complemented with sub-processes or even eliminated for the ultimate goal of improvement. Our approach is treating it as an ongoing practice and will always follow up with the analysis of tangible areas of improvement within your company. Post Implementation, results can be measured in the enhancement of product quality, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, increased productivity, efficiency and increased profit resulting in higher and faster return on investment (ROI).

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Earned Value Management

Tracking project performance and forecasting future performance on a regular basis throughout the project life cycle is of paramount importance to the completion on time and on budget. Earned Value Management allows for early detection of variance from the baseline, maximizing the opportunity for timely correction to get the project back on course.  BizTools employs earned value management techniques to provide your organization the capability of better manage cost and schedule while maintaining or improving the quality your customers are accustomed to receiving.

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