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Project Management Solutions

Project Initiation – Pre-flight

We like to use the flight analogy when talking about project managemet because just like flying, the better prepared you are before leaving the ground the smoother your trip will be.  While there is no exact science way to predict what weather you will encounter while on route, or challenges will be encountered along the way to the project objectives, being prepared and preplanned will determine how much “pain” we will endure when negotiating obstacles.

We believe a very well defined scope, eliminating as much vagueness as possible, from the project objectives, lining up the project sponsors and stakeholders coupled with a properly written project charter are paramount to project success. They also pave the way to the next stage of planning and baselining the project

Project Planning & Execution Control – About having a flight-plan

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Fail to plan – plan to fail”, and you would probably not get on a flight that has no flight-plan.  An improperly planned project (or one that has no plan at all) impacts your ability to properly control costs, quality and timely delivery.  Many organization do not place enough emphasis on proper planning and execution control leading to runaway costs, late deliveries and unsatisfied customers.  We are project management, planning and execution control experts using Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project.  We utilize Earned Value Management (EVM) providing execution control to ensure the project plan is followed and guide your PMO in the right direction.  Utilizing our tools and methods will result in a smooth journey and landing at your planned destination.

Project Closure – Landing & Post-Flight Checks

Following a completion of any project with proper documentation and review of the journey is crucial to having other successful journeys.  Learning from your mistakes and successes can improve the chances of repeating successes and reducing mistakes.  Conducting lessons-learned meetings throughout the project and after it’s completion is an essential part of running a successful PMO.

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